VIP Tagging Service

Let Us Do the Tagging for You

And Still Make 40% on Your Sales!

Have stuff but no time? Use our VIP Tagging Services and get those closets cleaned out!

    How it Works

    • Contact with any questions. Please call or text 405-517-2017 to make arrangements to drop off your items.
    • You sort through your items and deliver them to the agreed upon location.
    • We price your items using our guidelines and tag them.
    • You decide if you want all items to be sold 1/2 off on discount day and if you want unsold items to be donated.
    • After items are tagged, you will be responsible for picking them up from the tagger and dropping them off at the sale.
    • You still have early shopping privileges and can volunteer to earn extra money.
    • You will receive a check for 40% of your sales!
    • Please make sure you drop off clothing that meets our high quality standards. Anything deemed unacceptable by our staff will be donated.
    • VIP Tagging ends February 20 but it will fill almost immediately! Only 3 slots are available per week so make sure you schedule your drop off EARLY. VIP items are being accepted RIGHT NOW.
      • Wording from the contract is below. Please email for a printable copy you will need to sign and bring with you at VIP drop off.

        1. The consignor must register on the Monkey Business website before dropping off items to be tagged.
        2. All items must be free from stains, rips, pet hair, and should not be out of date. Any items found that do not meet this requirement will be donated and will not be returned to the consignor.
        3. Any item that requires batteries must have batteries and be tested to make sure it works before sending with VIP Tagging coordinator. Any items without batteries and/or not in working condition will be donated and will not be returned to the consignor.
        4. All items (especially toys) must be checked for recalls at Any items found that have been recalled will be disposed of and will not be returned to the consignor.
        5. All clothing items must be freshly laundered and folded in boxes. If there are clothing sets (matching pants and tops), please fold those items together. Sets sell better, and a higher price can be placed on them, but the VIP coordinator will not sort through all of your items and match sets.
        6. Only 125 clothing items are accepted, so bring your best 125 pieces/outfits.
        7. You will be charged a 40/60 split for VIP Tagging Services versus the standard 60/40 split. The standard $10 consignor fee will be deducted from your check as well as $10 for every 100 items consigned for tagging supplies (i.e. hangers, pins, etc.).
        8. All items will be donated to local non-profit organizations to be determined by Monkey Business Children’s Consignment Sale. You will not receive a receipt for items donated prior to tagging as we do not ask for receipts when items are donated.
        9. The consignor is responsible for dropping tagged items off at the sale location during regular drop off hours. No appointment is necessary and a “no inspection necessary” pass will be given to consignor prior to drop offs.