Tagging Instructions

The deadline for entering your items online will be Monday, Sept. 30, at 6AM – no exceptions.

The Basics

All items MUST be entered online and tagged with a barcoded tag.

You can begin item entry as soon as you register for the sale or by going to the Consignor Homepage.

Once you login, click “Work with Consigned Inventory” then “Work with Consigned Items.”

Pricing Guidelines

There is a $2 minimum per item. You may combine 2-3 items to bring the value up to $2. No more than 3 items may be bundled together (except infant onesies under 24 months).

A typical guideline for pricing is 20-50% of the original retail price. Please carefully consider the condition of your item when pricing by thinking of how much YOU would be willing to pay for the item.

Printing Your Tags

You get to print your tags out yourself!

PLEASE PRINT ON WHITE CARDSTOCK. This can be purchased at Wal-Mart or Staples for about $5-$7 for 150 sheets.

Our system prints 6 tags per 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock. It is important to use cardstock instead of regular paper because paper can tear easily and be separated from your item.

Prepping Your Items

Be sure to check the acceptable items tab before each sale.

CLOTHING ONLY IS LIMITED TO 200 ITEMS! All other items (shoes, toys, equipment, etc.) are still unlimited. Please bring clothing to drop off in bundles of 25 items so we can count them quickly. No more than 3 items can be bundled and priced together.

Please remember that all clothing must be hung – including onesies.

The hanger should face left and should like a “2″ when you look at it.

You will not get your hangers back – they leave with the buyer.

Please hang pants/shorts at the top of the hanger (where the hanger looks like an upside-down V), so they don’t slide on the hanger and are easier for shoppers to see.

If you have a multiple piece set, please attach the hangers together at the top with rubber bands or zipties AND safety pin through all items on the left side of the outfit to keep items from getting separated.

JUNIOR CLOTHING: We ONLY accept certain name brands of junior clothing. Please see the complete list here. This list is a work in progress. If you believe we have missed a name brand label, please contact me at ashley@monkeybusinessok.com. Thank you for your help while we work this out.

Shoes may be tied together using string, zipties (can be purchased at Wal-Mart in hardware section), safety pins or ribbon. They can be placed in Ziploc bags, but please be sure to attach the tag to the bag securely with clear packing tape. Do NOT leave the tag loose in the bag as they will get lost easily.

Multiple piece toys, games, decor, etc. can be placed in a large Ziploc bag and TAPED closed with clear packing tape to help prevent it from being opened and separated during the event but still be easily seen. Place tag on the bag with clear packing tape. Large Ziploc bags and Ziploc BIG BAGS can be purchased at Wal-Mart, usually with other plastic bags or by the hangers and home storage items.

Please cover safety pins and/or tagging gun tabs where you attach the tag with some kind of tape. This is NOT mandatory, but it will help protect your items from tag switching during the event.

Before bringing your clothing to the event for your drop off shift, please have them in order by SIZE and SEX (i.e. all 3T boys clothing together, all 12 month girl clothing together, etc.). You can loosely bind sizes together with rubber bands, ribbons, etc. It will literally save you TONS of time if clothing is already sized.

Tagging Your Clothing:

We suggest you use a tagging gun to tag your items. Using these guns reduces the risk of “tag switching” and does not leave holes in the shoulder of shirts, dresses, etc. If you are using safety pins to tag your items, please place the tags on the top right corner of the item (as you look at it). If you are using a tagging gun, DO NOT TAG IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CLOTHING! Instead, please put the tag through the original tag of the item or under the right sleeve in the seam if there is no tag. Do NOT use straight pins. For your convenience, we offer tagging guns for only $24! This includes one gun and 1000 plastic barbs. You can email ashley@monkeybusinessok.com or text/call Ashley at 580-320-3605

Large Items:

You can use large packing tape (or something similar) to tag toys or other items that do not have a place to pin a tag. If you have any questions, I will be happy to help. Just give me a call or send me an email.

Blankets/Towels/Burp Rags/Sheets/Linens in General:

These items need to be folded and tied together with ribbon, string, or tape, OR placed inside a clear plastic bag such a Ziploc or Ziploc BIG BAG.