Important Dates & Times


Admission is FREE!!!!
Thursday, Oct. 3: 9am – 7pm
Friday, Oct. 4: 9am – 7pm
Saturday, Oct. 5: 9am -2pm – 1/2 price day* on select items.

Pre-Sale and Consignor Shopping Opportunities

Monkey Squad Members who have 8 hours credit or more shop Wednesday, Oct. 2 @ 4pm-9pm.** They also shop the 1/2 off presale on Friday, Oct. 4@ 7-8pm! **
Monkey Squad Members who have 4 hours credit shop Wednesday, Oct. 2 @ 5pm-9pm.**
All consignors shop Wednesday, Oct. 2 @ 5:30pm-9pm.**
Paid Presale is Wednesday, Oct. 2@ 7:00pm-9pm. Paid presale is $5 PER PERSON ages 16 and older at the door. No need to preregister. Please have correct change. We are excited to give more people the opportunity to enjoy the presale!!

**All early shopping (EXCEPT THE PAID PRESALE) requires a pass. Consignors receive their pass at drop-off.

Consignor drop offs

Tuesday, Oct. 1 &; Wednesday, Oct. 2

  • Drop off times – Tuesday 9am-7pm & Wednesday 9am-12pm
  • NEW DROP OFF PROCEDURES!!!! Drop off is in the front of the building under the awning. Rolling racks are provided for your convenience. Grab a rack and start bringing in your items. CLOTHING IS LIMITED TO 200 ITEMS PER CONSIGNOR. Please bring your clothing to drop off in bundles of 25 items so we count them quickly. Once your items have been inspected, you are now required to put your items out on the sales floor. Areas will be appropriately marked to avoid confusion and volunteers will be working the floor to help you. After putting out your items, go to the registration table to check in, get your pre-sale passes, and pick up any items that were deemed unacceptable during inspection. It’s easy and should only take a few minutes depending on the number of items you are consigning. Please have everything tagged when you arrive for drop off and have your clothing in order by sex and size to simplify the “putting out” process. THANKS SO MUCH!!!