Acceptable Items

Monkey Business is proud to offer an incredible selection of gently-used clothing, toys, baby equipment, and MUCH MORE for your little ones! Below are some guidelines to consider when consigning with us!

This Spring/Summer sale, we will accept Spring/Summer clothing for children and all seasons for maternity. We do accept clothing (preemie-juniors), shoes, bedding, toys, books, electronic, furniture, baby equipment, baby accessories, outdoor play equipment, bikes, sports equipment, etc. Please keep in mind that all clothing must be in current fashion. Clothing is usually considered outdated after 3-4 years. Please consider each item as if you were going to purchase it.

We DO NOT accept HEAVY Winter items in the Spring sale: heavy coats, snow boots, etc.

CLOTHING IS LIMITED TO 200 ITEMS!! No more than 3 items may be bundled except infant onesies under 24 months. Please bring them to drop off in bundles of 25 so we can count them quickly.

All items which are not seasonal, such as toys, furniture, etc. are acceptable at all sales.

Junior clothing is limited to name brands only.
20X, AB Studio, Abercrombie, Adidas, Aeropostale, Affliction, Almost Famous, American Eagle, Area School sports gear, Arizona, Banana Republic, BCBG, Big Star, BKE/Buckle, Bongo, Cato, Charlotte Russe, Cinch, Citizens of Humanity, Columbia, Cruel Girl, Daytrip, Dear John, Decree, Delia’s, DKNY, Dolled Up, Dorothy Blu, Ed Hardy, Express, Eyeshadow, Flying Monkey, Flying Tomato, Forever 21, Free People, GAP, Guess, Heart & Soul, Hollister, Hot Topic, Hurley, Hyraulic, J. Brand, J. Crew, Juicy Couture, Kancan, Katydid, LA Idol, Levis, Lucca, Lucky, LulaRoe, Lush, Madden Girl/Steve Madden, Maurices, Michael Kors, Miss Me, Mudd, NFL/NBA/MLB, NIKE, North Face, OKC Thunder, Old Navy, OU/OSU, Pac Sun, Patagonia, People Liberation, Pink, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Ransom, Reebok, Rock Candy, Rock Revival, Roxy, Rue 21, Seven, Silver, Simply Southern, Sinful, Sneek Peek, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, True Religion, Umgee, Under Armour, Vanity, Victoria Secret, Vocal, Wet Seal, and Wishful Park.
We accept Home Decor and Accessories!!! You can sell your wall hangings, lamps, doo-dads, and most any current style home decor item at Monkey Business! Some furniture pieces are acceptable, but are somewhat limited due to space. Please call or text Ashley at 580-320-3605 or email if you have furniture that is not considered children’s furniture you would like to consign.

Quality Standards

  • Your items must be clean, free of stains, tears, holes, etc.
  • All buttons, zippers, etc. must function.
  • Please also make sure your clothes smell good. No one wants to buy dirty or musty clothes, and we will not accept them.
  • Please make sure your clothes do not have any animal hair on them or they will be turned away.
  • Shoes must be in excellent condition and in current season.
  • Toys must be clean and be in working order.
  • If it needs batteries, you need to replace them before bringing the item to the sale.


You must check your consigned items for recalls. Here is a link to CPSC search page.

Items We Do Not Accept

Stuffed animals unless they have a function (i.e. Singing Mickey, bouncing Tigger, etc.) and are working properly with batteries OR are a specific character (i.e. Dora, Pooh Bear, Doc McStuffins, etc.)
Car seats which do not have all parts or that are more than 5 years old (there should be a date on the back or bottom of the car seat). Please bring the owner manuals with the car seats. If you have misplaced yours, you can usually print one from the manufacturer’s website.
NO warm weather clothing.
NO USED Pacifiers or bottle nipples. If you are selling bottles, please be sure to remove used bottle nipples before packaging.
NO VHS tapes
NO Movies rated R or above
NO Books of mature adult content
NO BREASTPUMPS. Please read this article for further information.
NO CRIBS manufactured before June 28, 2011. Cribs that are unacceptable, for any reason, CANNOT be sold as toddler beds.

If you have an item that you are unsure about, please text or call Ashley at 580-320-3605 and we can discuss it.